Professional Squash Coach

    • World Top 400 Professional Squash Association (PSA) Tour

    • Level 2 Squash Coach

    • Pro at Bath and Racquets Club (Members only)

    • Freelance at Southbank Club (non-members welcome for a fee of £5)

    • Coaching for all levels and ages

    • I offer a variety of packaged deals

Personal Trainer

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 1 Advanced Kick Boxing

  • Specialising in individual programmes for stressed executives

  • Specialising in natural weight loss and muscle gain programmes

  • I am qualified to offer nutritional advice to help you achieve your goals

  • Results focussed and client service driven

  • Freelance at Southbank Club (non-members welcome for a fee of £10)


Can you tell me a little more about you?

Sure. I’m one of the top squash coaches in London and also within the world’s top 400 in the Professional Squash Association list.

I offer squash training and coaching for all age groups and requirements so whether you’re looking to get coaching to improve your coach skills as a hobby or are looking to enter playing squash professionally, I can help.

How can a squash coach help me improve my training?

First I’ll look at the basic knowledge my student has and then break it down to how they hold the racket (the grip). Start on the forehand drives, backhand drives and volleys. Then will move on to serve and return of serves. So my lessons will mix technique development with a great workout.

Do I have to get any squash gear to the training with me?

In theory my client doesn’t need anything other than sports clothing. I can provide rackets, balls etc but if they were looking to play often I would advise to purchase the correct shoes and the right racket.

Can you offer a squash training package and what are your costs?

So it’s £50/h and I do a block of 10 sessions for £450. Or 20 sessions for £800. That does exclude the court fee £7/h and the non-member fee £6. I do group sessions for 2 or 3 students but no more and it’s slightly more expensive.

Are there any age restrictions?

Nope. All standards and ages are welcome.

I offer a variety of packaged deals to suit your needs. 

Phone number: 07835583116

INSTA: @matthewschonfrucht