Professional Squash Coach

    • World Top 400 Professional Squash Association (PSA) Tour

    • Level 2 Squash Coach

    • Pro at Bath and Racquets Club (Members only)

    • Freelance at Southbank Club (non-members welcome for a fee of £5)


      Do you coach all levels?

      I coach all ages from beginner to advanced – whether you are playing squash as a hobby for exercise and fitness or to become a professional player your game will improve under my ongoing coaching.”

      What can I expect from my coaching session with you?

      Firstly, I will check your basic knowledge, then how you hold your racquet (the grip). I will then go on to forehand and backhand drives and volleys and then serves and returns.

      At every level, my coaching sessions will always mix technique development with a great workout!”

      Do I need special squash gear?

      Not to begin with – just wear your usual sports clothing and white-soled trainers. I will provide a racquet and balls, however if you plan to play regularly I will advise you on the best racquet and trainers depending on your budget.”

      What are your rates and do you offer coaching packages?

      My rate is £50 per hour. I do offer block coaching packages at 10 sessions for £450 and 20 sessions for £800. I will allow the sharing of the coaching lesson with a maximum of 3 for a higher hourly rate.

      My rates do not include hire of the court which is £7 per hour and an additional £5 fee for non members. For personal training the fee for non members is £10.”

      I offer a variety of packaged deals to suit your needs

      so don’t hesitate to give me a call on


      Experienced Personal Trainer

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 1 Advanced Kick Boxing

  • Specialising in individual programmes for stressed executives

  • Specialising in natural weight loss and muscle gain programmes

  • Qualified to offer nutritional advice to help you achieve improved health and reach your fitness goals

  • Freelance at Southbank Club (non-members welcome for a fee of £10)



INSTA: @matthewschonfrucht

More about me…

I started playing squash in the late nineties in primary school in CapeTown, South Africa and quickly progressed to regional and national levels.

I moved to London after high school and completed the English coaching certificates levels 1 and 2. With my earnings from coaching and some sponsorships I started playing on the PSA circuit and succeeded in gaining a place amongst the world’s top 400 players. Through my contacts with these players I have been invited to play many exhibition matches, e.g., Nick Mathew former No1 recently retired, Ali Farq current No 1 and Zubair Khan former No 8.

I am passionate about the game and have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to coaching and helping my clients of all ages, whatever their level, to achieve their squash and fitness goals. Whether it is the fundamentals for beginners or technique adjustments for regular players to games with advanced players I give the same focused attention. It motivates me seeing my clients’ improvements in their squash over time and their enjoyment of the game and satisfaction with their progress.